2012 Favorites: #14 Lambchop – Mr. M

14. Lambchop – Mr. M

Late last year I said this was one of my most anticipated releases of the year. The anticipation was warranted, as Mr. M was yet another solid album in one of the most impressive discographies of the past 20 years. It cuts no new ground, blazes no new trails, but stays calmly in the chamber pop confines they’ve lavishly furnished for themselves over the years, all tasteful strings and brushed drums and Kurt’s burrish purr. Mr. M is not one of their best, but fits nicely in their second tier, which is still a height few other artists ever reach.

It’s too long though, but I’ve been complaining about that since the dawn of the CD era. I’ll never win, especially as we move to a download/streaming lifestyle where length has no physical limits.


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