2012 Favorites: #13 Blur – Parklive

13. Blur – Parklive

I never expected going in to 2012 that this would be a year for Blur obsessives, but between the 21 box set and a career capping performance for the close of the Olympics, I was both immersed and enthralled. Parklive, the document of that August 12th performance in Hyde Park, is a stunner. From the obvious sing-along hits, to rarely played tracks like “London Loves” and b-side “Young And Lovely”, this is a proper overview (though light on the bookends of their career, the underrated Leisure and Think Tank. They each get a single song). And by playing some of their artier album cuts like “Trimm Trabb” and “Caramel” (above), they set the terms for their own retrospective; they were more than the hits, more than poster boys and pin-ups.

And, I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for a good live album.


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