2012 Favorites: #11 Sula Bassana – Dark Days

11. Sula Bassana – Dark Days

Did you know I love space rock? I do, I do. It’s all the fault of a handful of Hawkwind and Pink Floyd records that came out in the years right around my birth. It was something in the air back then, and I’m pretty sure I was tripping balls in vitro. Sula Bassana is another one man band, this time the work of a German psychedelonaut (thanks to The Obelisk for the term) named Dave Schmidt. Dave appears to record in his sleep, based on the crazy discography he has on his website. But whether a waking fever dream or a visit to Slumberland, I absolutely love this guys stuff. A few years back I proselytized for his album The Night, and this year I’m head over heals in love with Dark Days. Space rock never goes out of style.

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