Celebration Day

This was so much fun. Totally, utterly, worth seeing. Jimmy got all sloppy and slow as the show went on (as he almost always did in their heyday), but was firing fast and tight until “Dazed And Confused”; John Paul Jones was stunningly good on both bass and keys (his ten-string Manson bass was an eye- and ear-opener); Jason looked like he was going to cry over and over again as he eerily played perfect fills from his father’s hands and mind; and Robert adapted to the change in his vocal range by selling the lyrics better instead of using the high notes as a form of cheap emoting. 

The early run of “In My Time Of Dying”, “For Your Life” and “Trampled Under Foot” was definitely the highpoint for me. Though I must say Jason killed on “Misty Mountain Hop”.

My one quibble with Jason is that he is such a metronomic, powerful player that when he needed to sit back and shuffle the blues (like on “Since I’ve Been Loving You”) he couldn’t swing. He was never, ever even a 10th of a second off the beat. But when he had to ramp up and go for it, like on the aforementioned “Trampled” or on “Kashmir” and “Rock And Roll”, he absolutely killed it.


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