Fortunate Scion



Hear “Bloodhound” from doom-metal band Witch Mountain’s new 7”. The track features a bluesy and nasty guitar solo, “bending strings to their breaking point as the rhythm section keeps the full-body head-bang in constant motion.”

In which I delicately skitter across that whole car-company-sponsored-metal-thing because who the hell cares.

Nice! New Witch Mountain.

My thoughts on corporate money in metal: If Scion sponsoring tours means my friends can play for fans around the country than I’m all for it. Especially when they ask nearly nothing (I believe as little as their name on ads, and a small space on the merch table) in return. I’ve yet to encounter an artist they’ve sponsored with any complaints. Most say it’s a blessing.

And it means I finally get to see Nate’s band in November! Back to Austin I go (the last time was, I believe, another Scion tour. I went down for YOB last winter). Consider this a warning, Austinites (Austinians? Austiniacs? Austintatians? Youse guys down dere).


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