Praising J.M. DeMatteis

DeMatteis is still a solid writer, and, based on the twitter conversation we had when I tweeted him this screenshot, a friendly and engaging guy. I talked him into rescreening El Topo, which he hasn’t seen since he was 17.

Captain America was his second regular super-hero comic book; he had started on the Defenders in 1980, and added Captain America in 1981. He went on to write Cap for roughly 40 issues, up until #300 in 1985. He was the Cap writer I first remember, and the one whom hooked me on the character (eventually, Mark Gruenwald soured me on Cap before I went to college. All in all, I followed the character for nearly a decade).

I think his work in 1985-87 was amongst the best ever done in the medium. Moonshadow with Jon J. Muth, Justice League (later JLI) with Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire, Blood: A Tale with Kent Williams, Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa with Dan Green, Dr. Fate with Keith Giffen, and last but certainly not least, Fearful Symmetry: Kraven’s Last Hunt with Mike Zeck. I still consider that to be the greatest Spider-Man story ever told.


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