Lucien Freud in Fort Worth

Last weekend we went to see the Lucien Freud: Portraits exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. It’s the only stop in the States for the show, so to say we lucked out is a huge understatement.

My wife and I have both been Freud fans for a long time, and had seen a few of these paintings before at The Hirshhorn in D.C. and several of the prints at the MOMA in New York. But to see such a large collection, covering nearly 70 years, was special. I always enjoy career overviews where you can see evolutions, experiments, dead-ends and more; seeing his student work and being able to contrast it with his mature style of the 70s and 80s was enlightening. As my wife said, his student work and for several years after was similar to her own and her classmates at art school. It was only through practice and perseverance that he developed his own voice and style, one that is so easily recognized and widely loved. It gives one hope.

The exhibit closes October 28th, and it would be an utter shame to miss it. The museum itself is a beauty, too, so take the time to explore the building and see the permanent collection. Anselm Kiefer’s Book With Wings raised goosebumps.

Book With Wings (not my photo)


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