Ramona Fradon



Executed in 1965, this formally innovative cover breaks the rules and takes an unusual hybrid approach that splices the spatial conventions of temporal delineation (i.e. panel-to-panel transitions implying chronology) with those of the eye-catchingly dynamic cover composition demanded by commerce; in the process creating a rare chronological simultaneity that brings these conflicting conventions into bold relief.

(my mentor) Bill Boichel of Copacetic Comics has started a tumblr – where he drops science. Get hip. Rip it up, Bill! -Frank Santoro

Ramona Fradon is an auto-reblog. Her Metamorpho artwork, both in the titular series and in the pages of The Brave & The Bold, is some of the best art ever to grace the pages of a comic book. An absolute master whom is rarely given her due.

This reminds me I need to track down her Super Friends run.


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