Il Cane Rosso

Okay, so I mentioned that my wife and I went to Il Cane Rosso before I went to the show. We’ve been meaning to go for a while, but never seem to wander down to Deep Ellum when we want to go out. There is so much amazing food here in Dallas that the options are nearly limitless.

Well, I’m kicking myself for waiting nearly 11 months to get my mouth on the best pizza in town. What you see up there is a more talented photographer’s snap [it’s from their Facebook page] of the Honey Badger, which is fresh mozzarella, hot soppressata, basil, and house-made habanero honey. Sweet, hot, and delicious.

We also had dessert. Their amazing crust topped with vanilla bean mascarpone, a light dusting of powdered sugar and drizzled with melted nutella. I’m salivating at the memory.

I want to go back soon. Like now.


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