Guys, it took almost 28 years, but I finally found a religion I can’t argue with. [via Dangerous Minds]

Can you imagine all the sects, though?

(For example) I’m a hardcore Berlinist, one of those that firmly (some would say heretically) rejects the primacy of the Ziggy Gospels, therefore focusing mostly on commandments I and VII and pretty much ignoring VIII-X (VI only gets through due my sympathy for some of the teachings of the Ronsonites). 

But at least I’m not one of the poor benighted souls worshipping at Our Lady of Mondegreens; they continue to insist that Bowie was, in fact, our Leopard Messiah.

These commandments only marginally speak to my beliefs, since I consider myself a Reform Young-Americanist, though I’ve also incorporated many of the beliefs found in the sectarian exchanges with the Order of Ignatius.

I am Saul on the road to Damascus, blinded by a dart to the eye. Kether to Malkuth, crown to kingdom, I await the return of the Thin White Duke.


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