Black ‘N Blue – “12 O’Clock High”

I’m listening to ye olde Nasty Nasty from Black ‘N Blue this morning, and it’s both better and worse than I remember. For every great cut there is a stinker that points directly towards In Heat to come. But the highs are so good – the title cut, “I Want It All (I Want It Now)” “Kiss Of Death” [if you cut the last minute or so – that coda is horrible] “12 O’Clock High” [if you cut that a capella intro that makes me embarrassed for Jaimie]. “Does She Or Doesn’t She” sounds like an outtake from Without Love, which isn’t a bad thing.

However, “Do What You Wanna Do” has a shit chorus that ruins the great verses, and “I don’t like Cheerios”? I can’t decide if that’s the best or worst lyric in their catalog. “Rules” has this horrible creepy voice that I think is supposed to be scary. “Best In The West” is such a limp way to end an album. Total throwaway, and the studio plug-in “live audience” is the part that sticks with me in all the wrong ways. The less said about their big hit ballad the better. Sad that their commercial high-point wasn’t even one of their songs. Real mixed bag.

Not a patch on the first two records for hooks, though it rocks harder than Without Love in many places.


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