The Velvet Underground – Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes


The Velvet Underground – The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes

Stick your head inside Lou’s amp! This unique bootleg was recorded on March 15, 1969 at the Boston Tea Party, the VU’s home away from home at the time. The taper must’ve placed his mic right up against Lou’s amplifier, since that’s what dominates the mix here. It’s out of sight — the dude was a fucking insane guitarist back then. Thanks to Bootleg Addiction for posting. 

I Can’t Stand It (5:49)
Candy Says (4:25)
Waiting For The Man (7:02)
Ferryboat Bill (4:34)
I’m Set Free (4:49)
What Goes On (7:37)
White Light/White Heat (7:33)
Beginning To See The Light (5:28)
Jesus (3:28)
Heroin (8:22)
Sister Ray (26:02)

And of course, don’t miss Move Right In: The Velvet Underground at the Boston Tea Party, 1968-1969

I love this boot. One of my all-time favorites. I wrote about it five years ago (Five years? Where did the time go?) at one of my abandoned homes, EZ Snappin’s Crackle & Pop.


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