The Connells – “Hats Off”


The Connells – Hats Off (1987) (just audio)

Today’s Connells post: According to Wikipedia, they did a video for this song for 120 Minutes, but I can’t seem to find it. The song is a, shall we say, commentary on then President Reagan.

You love to change your mind.
Hate to see you lost in your ignorance, or is it just indifference?
What goes on behind?
What goes on within you, without you, there’s nothing to you.

Why are you so blind?
Why are you so hopelessly helpless, hopelessly helpless?
You can’t have it back.
No you can’t have the world as it once was with cowboys and Santa Claus.

Absolutely criminal that this album is out of print, and that Boylan Heights is digital only. They were damn good, back in the day.


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