Music Listening Diary, Day 5

There is no day 4.

Day 5 was my flight home, and I tried to read and listen and distract myself from the pain of my knees being driven into the seat in front. I read a couple of 33 1/3 books that I had picked up on that 99¢ e-book sale at Amazon – the ones on Paul’s Boutique (RIP, MCA) and It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. Both were good, in the upper end of the dozen or so books I’ve read in the series (I read the one on The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society last week and let’s just say it was not in the upper end). I decided I didn’t want to listen to the subject records as I read, so picked a few records that were unlikely to have been sampled even by such noted crate-diggers as the Bomb Squad and Dust Brothers.

I queued up a Little Feat bootleg from a radio broadcast in 1973. Like the Ultrasonic Studios broadcasts, the Ebbets Field summer show on KCUV is a band at it’s peak, this time a little looser, a little jammier, than they were that spring. If you like Little Feat, I highly recommend this set.

Next up was a run through of Miguel’s three Art Dealer Chic EPs. I think they gradually decline from a high peak, but I’ll keep six or seven of the nine songs in rotation throughout the summer. Damn high batting average when you think about it.

I also listened to the first two albums from The 13th Floor Elevators, The Psychedelic Sounds Of… and Easter Everywhere. I’ve been listening to more Roky since moving to Texas. It seems to make more sense to me than it did in New England, where I liked but didn’t love it. I’m definitely growing to love these two albums.

Then the battery on my phone started to die and I thought I should keep some juice just in case. But as we circled in a holding pattern, flying from Dallas to Oklahoma City and back again, I really wished I had a bit more music to distract my from my aching knees.


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