Music Listening Diary, Days 2 & 3

I’m on vacation, visiting friends and stomping to and fro in Boston and Providence (thank god for affordable commuter trains), so I’ve had very little dedicated music listening time. However, on both Wednesday and Thursday I ate in dives that had music playing, and both places seemed to have put the first Led Zeppelin box set on shuffle [this is the set that had “Traveling Riverside Blues” on it, if that helps identify it]. I heard “Four Sticks” and “Tangerine” and “What is and What Should Never Be”, among others I don’t remember. It struck me as slightly strange that an Irish bar and a breakfast joint were both playing Zeppelin, and that both were not albums but a compilation that is more than greatest hits. I’ve always felt that the classic rock of the 70s had a strong grip on the New England psyche, but having been away for a while the grip seems stronger. I’ve also encountered local heroes Aerosmith (“Last Child” – so good) and The J. Giels Band (“Freeze Frame” – also killer) in shops and markets. Steve Miller, Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt too; it’s pure Rock Candy in The Heart Of The City.


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