The Clean



There are definitely days when The Clean sound like the greatest band ever. There’s a perfect, timeless feel in almost everything they’ve ever done — it’s not “folk” music in the way we think of it, but it’s natural music, earth music, heart music. You know what I’m saying? I don’t know what I’m saying. Except that David, Hamish and Robert make some pretty righteous sounds, dig? What I’ve got for you today is a 1981 tape of the band at the Rumba Club in Auckland, NZ, playing to a ridiculously tiny crowd. The recording quality could be better, but crank it up and you won’t mind, as The Clean blast through their classic Compilation-era material, as well as some tunes that (as far as I know) never made it to the studio. Of special interest is the epic “Point That Thing Somewhere Else,” which sees the trio stretching out and loosening up over 15 blissful minutes. So good! The Clean keeps on tally-ho-ing to this day, with a U.S. tour imminent. Go see them if you can — and God Bless The Clean!!! Oh, and thanks to Jonah for sharing the tape. 


Bonus: There are a bunch of grrrrreat videos of The Clean playing this very same venue. 

It’s The Clean. No further information is needed.


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