Treasure Trove of Feelies


Burn My Fingers, Burn My Toes

It’s Feelies Friday! OK, I just made that up. But what better way to celebrate the end of the work week by listening to this live show from New Jersey’s finest, recorded at Maxwell’s, their home away from home in September of 1984. This was around the time that the band’s new lineup (Mercer/Million/Sauter/Demeski/Weckerman) solidified — the lineup that continues to this day! They don’t sound like a group just finding its footing, though. They’re on fire throughout the 13-song set, playing tunes from both Crazy Rhythms and the yet-to-be-recorded Good Earth. There are a bunch of highlights that make this recording worth your time, such as: an ominous reading of “The Obedient Atom,” the ultimate Feelies outtake; a blindingly good “Forces At Work;” and the closer, an unbelievable race through Eno’s “Third Uncle.” Get Feelied! [Photo courtesy the Feelies Facebook page]. 


More Feelies from the archives: 

Chicago 1986

Crazy Rhythms – Live!

Perpetual Nervousness – A Feelies Family Tree

Real Cool Time – Feelies Covers, 1972-2011

I thought this kind gentleman had shared all his Feelies treasure trove with me but I was wrong. I haven’t heard this 1984 set, so I guess I’ll be making plans to listen over the weekend.

Let’s hope he’s not holding further Feelies fineness close to his chest.

Wait, scratch that. Let’s hope the treasure chest holds a never-ending reel of tape that unfurls Feeliana at regular intervals till the end of time.


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