The venerable “Sails Of Charon”, from Taken By Force.  Their are youtube vids with higher audio fidelity, but it’s important to see the promo video for a couple of reasons.

First there is Klaus’ dancing; during the long intro he’s in the back, away from the front of the stage, just swinging his arms and doing his I-got-to-pee boogie stomp.  Second is Ulrich Roth’s outfit; where the rest of the band is in black, with tight pants or jeans, he’s still rocking the flower-print puffy shirt and medallion belt.  He left the band after the tour for this record, reputedly because he didn’t like the harder, more commercial direction they were headed.  His psych-rock tendencies might have kept the band from the economic heights they were soon to reach, but he also kept them weird and surprising.  They would be good throughout much the next thirty-odd years, but never surprising like on this four record run.


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